Department of Housing and Urban Development Issues Notice on Waiting List Administration

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued PIH-2012-34 on administration of waiting lists for HUD’s housing choice voucher program (also known as the Section 8 program) and public housing program. The notice covers issues related to opening the waiting list, applicant selection, placing applicants on the waiting list, and outreach. It requires Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to ensure that their processes for waiting list administration “conform to established rules and regulations, including fair housing civil rights laws and regulations, and must result in consistent, non-discriminatory determinations on applicant eligibility, placement of applicants on the waiting list, and selection of applicants from the waiting list.” Among other topics, the notice discusses how PHAs can ensure that their processes are accessible to, and do not discriminate against, people with disabilities.

Annual Medicaid State Ranking for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Report Released

United Cerebral Palsy released its annual report “Case for Inclusion 2011: An Analysis of Medicaid for Americans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.” The report ranks states on several factors including the percentage of Medicaid devoted to home and community based services, the number of people in supported or integrated employment, and the size of their waiting lists for services. Among the key findings: 1) there still remain162 large state institutions (only one closed since last year’s report), housing 32,909 Americans; 2) waiting lists have increased dramatically overall, but performance is quite mixed by state. The report is available at: