Forum on Medicaid Managed Care This Month

The National Council on Disability (NCD) will be holding a forum on Medicaid managed care in Chicago on March 24. This event is part of a national series that NCD is holding across the nation. Previous forums have been in Kansas and Florida.  After Chicago, upcoming forums will be in California and New York.  The goal of the forums is to hear about the impact of Medicaid managed care on people with disabilities, and to share the Medicaid managed care principles that NCD developed.  The conversation at the forum will inform NCD in its ongoing recommendations to the federal government on the topic of Medicaid managed care.

Results of Survey Sponsored by The California Healthcare Foundation on Counties Who Transitioned to Managed Care Released

The California Healthcare Foundation sponsored a survey of beneficiaries in 16 California counties who transitioned to mandatory Medi-Cal managed care between June 2011 and May 2012. In addition to interviews, researchers conducted two focus groups with people with developmental disabilities. Results highlighted several lessons that can inform other states as more services and populations are included in managed care. Results indicated that some beneficiaries experienced problems with the transition: 37% found it very or somewhat difficult to find information they needed; 34% of people who called their plan’s member services said they sometimes or never got the help they needed; 32% reported that their benefits were worse since their transition to Medi-Cal managed care in the areas of prescription medication, specialty care, medical equipment and supplies, and primary care. An updated and more detailed report is scheduled for the end of this summer.

New Report Summarizing Florida’s Long Term Care Managed Care Program

The National Senior Citizens Law Center published a new report last week, Summary of Florida’s Long Term Care Managed Care Program.  Under Florida’s waiver approved by CMS last month, persons with level-of-care needs that would qualify them for nursing facility services will be required to enroll in managed care organizations (MCOs) in order to receive Long Term Services and Supports. The MCOs will be responsible for providing both nursing facility services and Home and Community Based Services. The application and approval of Florida’s new managed care program is available here.

New Report on Medicaid and Managed Care

The Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) released a report entitled, “Report to the Congress: The Evolution of Managed Care in Medicaid June 2011.” According to the report, about 71% of all Medicaid recipients receive care in a managed care arrangement. Just 14% of individuals with disabilities are enrolled in managed care plans. Recently, states looking for cost savings have expressed interest in enrolling more individuals with disabilities into managed care even though MACPAC reports that little data exists that demonstrates cost savings from transitioning people with disabilities from traditional Medicaid into managed care. To read the report or MACPAC’s March report, go to MACPAC’s website.