House Passes Infrastructure Bill

On July 1, the House passed H.R.2, the Moving Forward Act, addressing transit, highways, motor carrier, research, rail, and other programs. The bill includes some priority asks from the disability community, including best practices for quality paratransit, such as one-stop service pilots; improvements to Federal Transit Administration Office of Civil Rights complaint reporting process; assessing and funding accessible infrastructure (e.g., sidewalks, audible pedestrian signals, cross walks, bus stops, and on demand pick-up/drop-off zones); and funding and support for Amtrak ADA compliance. However, the bill does not include some important, additional priorities, including a requirement to increase the availability of fully-accessible, integrated transit and on-demand mobility services and address continued discrimination in transit.

The bill contains important housing provisions to help address the lack of decent, accessible, and affordable housing in the U.S., including $100 billion to construct and preserve 1.8 million affordable homes through $70 billion for public housing capital repairs, $5 billion for the national Housing Trust, and other provisions; and an expansion of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. The bill also expands affordable high-speed internet to underserved rural and urban communities.

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