Budget & Appropriations: Action on FY 2020 Appropriations Expected This Week

Congressional appropriators have signaled progress in a plan to fund the government through the remainder of fiscal year (FY) 2020, which began on October 1. Last week, Appropriations leaders announced an agreement in principle on all 12 appropriations bills. According to press reports, areas of agreement on the $1.3 trillion package include flat funding for the border wall with Mexico and no back-fill of funding for military construction funding that the Administration has diverted to the wall. However, no information was provided on how the funding increases will be allocated between the appropriations bills nor what other measures might be included. Text for the bills may be released as soon as today. With the current continuing resolution set to expire on Friday, the bills would need to be voted on by both chambers and signed by the President before then to avoid a government shutdown. Alternatively, one or more short-term funding bills could be enacted to avoid a shutdown.

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