Budget & Appropriations: Efforts to Advance FY 2020 Funding Bills Stall in Senate

Senate funding talks have stalled over disagreements over allocation of funding between the 12 spending bills (known as 302(b)s), funding for Planned Parenthood, and what constitutes a “poison pill rider” (a controversial provision that is unlikely to pass on its own). With only 10 working days to pass a bill before the end of fiscal year (FY) 2019, prospects for a government shutdown or a short-term spending bill are increasing. So far, the Senate has only passed two of its 12 spending bills. With the full-year funding bills at a standstill, Congress will need to pass a short-term spending bill by September 30 to avoid a shutdown. Meanwhile, the House is expected to vote on a bill this week that would fund the government until Nov. 21. If a short-term funding bill is enacted, funding for disability-related programs would remain funded at the levels the received in FY 2019 until another funding bill is enacted.

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