Education – GAO Releases Report on Discipline Disparities for Black Students, Boys, and Students with Disabilities

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report showing that black students, boys, and students with disabilities are more likely to be disciplined. These disparities existed for all types of punishment examined, in all types of schools, and no matter the poverty rate at the school. Types of punishment examined included out-of-school suspension, in-school suspension, referral to law enforcement, expulsion, corporal punishment, and school-related arrest. While students with disabilities accounted for 12 percent of public school students, they were 25% of students suspended out of school, 21% of students suspended in school, 28% of students referred to law enforcement, 24% of expelled students, 16% of student received corporal punishment, and 28% of student arrested for school-related incidents. Read the highlights of the report here.

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