Budget & Appropriations/Tax Policy – Welcome Delay on Tax Bill Provides More Time for Disability Advocates to Continue Opposing Harmful Legislation

Action on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has slowed this week with the announcement that the House would not be voting on a revised tax bill this week as had originally been planned. Instead, a House-Senate conference meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13. It is expected to be a relatively brief meeting allowing the Conference Committee Members to make short statements while the actual negotiations continue in private. According to press reports, the major areas of disagreement are: the alternative minimum tax, pass-through business income, the corporate tax rate, the child tax credit, deductions for state and local taxes (referred to as SALT deductions), and individual tax brackets. The Conference Committee must also resolve the differences in the major provisions that are problematic for people with disabilities.

Advocates have more time to reach out to Members of Congress to oppose this harmful legislation. The Arc’s network is urged to participate in today’s National Call Day on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that The Arc is cosponsoring and to continue advocating throughout the week. See action alert above.

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