Social Security – House Vote Likely on Bill to Cut Off Basic Income for Adults with Disabilities and Seniors

On Monday, the House of Representatives Rules Committee will lay the groundwork for a House floor vote on legislation to cut off Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for certain people with disabilities and seniors. The full House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill at some point this week; a date has not yet been set. As amended by the Committee, H.R. 2792 would revive a failed former policy targeting SSI recipients with old, outstanding arrest warrants for alleged felonies or alleged violations of probation or parole. This former policy ended following the resolution of class action litigation. Federal law already prohibits payment of SSI benefits to people fleeing from law enforcement to avoid prosecution or imprisonment, and the Social Security Administration has a process in place to notify law enforcement of the whereabouts of such individuals. Based on experience with the former policy, H.R. 2792 would not help law enforcement to secure arrests, but instead would target people whose cases are inactive and whom law enforcement is not pursuing. Anecdotally, a very high percentage of people affected by the former policy were people with mental impairments, including people with intellectual disability. To learn more, read The Arc’s press statement condemning recent Committee action to advance this harmful legislation.

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