Budget & Appropriations – House Passes FY 2018 Budget Resolution, Setting the Stage for Tax Cuts and Possible Medicaid Cuts

The House passed its fiscal year (FY) 2018 Budget Resolution (H.Con.Res.71) on October 5 by a vote of 219 to 206. While tax reform is the stated priority of the majority party for this budget, there are numerous provisions that would be very harmful to people with disabilities. The House Budget Resolution has stronger language than the Senate Budget Resolution calling for trillions of dollars in spending cuts over a decade, including to programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. The House Budget also assumes the adoption of an Affordable Care Act repeal bill that has not advanced. It does not allow for tax cuts to increase the deficit, also unlike the Senate’s Budget. Instead it provides instructions to 11 committees for $203 billion in spending cuts and proposes to cut nondefense spending by $5 billion, while increasing defense spending by $72 billion. Click here for The Arc’s statement on the House passage of its 2018 Budget Resolution.

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