Budget & Appropriations – Short Term Funding Bill Enacted to Avert Government Shutdown

On September 7 and 8, the Senate and House voted, respectively, to pass a continuing resolution (CR), H.R. 601, to fund the federal government through December 8. The measure, which also includes an increase in the debt ceiling and $15.25 billion in funding for hurricane relief through the same date, was signed by President Trump on September 8. This short-term measure was needed because none of the 12 annual appropriations bills have been passed by the House and Senate, leaving little time before the end of the 2017 fiscal year on September 30. The CR provides for level funding for existing federal programs. The House and Senate will need to negotiate differences between their spending bills and pass the them before December 8 or face a shutdown or an additional CR. To date, the chambers are far apart on their funding levels, including the overall funding for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (L-HHS-ED) which funds the vast majority of disability-related programs. See current funding levels for disability-related programs approved by the House and Senate Appropriations Committees here.

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