Health Care/Medicaid – Senate Vote on Health Care/Medicaid Bill Expected Thursday

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) continues to push hard for a Senate vote this week before Congress begins its July 4 recess.  This process is expected to advance today or tomorrow with the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) report projecting the Senate measure’s impact on the number of insured Americans and federal deficits.  The CBO had projected that the House’s bill would result in 23 million fewer Americans having health insurance and over $830 billion in cuts to Medicaid over 10 years.

The Majority Leader will need to win over the five Republican Senators – four conservatives and moderate Dean Heller (R-NV) – who announced their opposition to the measure last week.  Republicans control 52 seats and can afford only two defections to still pass the bill with Vice President Pence to break the tie, assuming no Democratic support.

Should the Senate measure pass, attention could immediately turn back to the House of Representatives to pass the Senate’s bill.  President Trump has indicated his intent to sign Congress’ health care legislation into law.

This week marks a truly historic time in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The system of  home and community based services that has taken decades to build with bipartisan support is facing unprecedented risk. The Arc urges its network of advocates across the country to make every effort to contact their Senators and urge them to vote NO.  See Action Alert.

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