Health Care/Medicaid – Senate Plans Vote on Health Care Act by End of Month

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has placed the American Health Care Act on the Senate calendar with a vote planned by the end of June. The Senate is planning to skip the committee process. The bill is expected to be substantially similar to the version that passed the House. Very few details of the bill have been made public. One likely change is extending the time frame for phasing out the Medicaid expansion. However, Medicaid per capita caps are likely to remain in the bill, jeopardizing the availability of services for people with I/DD. The Arc is continuing its efforts to defeat the bill, and recently released a new video.

Javi, a man with autism and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and his mother Linda have benefitted from Medicaid. Linda became a single parent when Javi was just seven years old, and was able to work full time because of the support Javi received through Medicaid. Last week, The Arc released their story, the sixth in a series featuring people who rely on Medicaid and/or the Affordable Care Act. Please share this video widely with your networks to show the impact of cutting Medicaid and repealing major health care protections. For an especially easy option, retweet The Arc of the US and share our Facebook post.

If you missed The Arc’s first five videos, check them out & share them now:“If I could say one thing”“Calvin’s Story”“Meet Thelma”“Meet Bryan.”, and “Meet Soojung & Alice”

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