Autism – Transition Report Released

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report, “Youth with Autism: Roundtable Views of Services Needed During the Transition into Adulthood.” GAO studied (1) the services and supports transitioning youth with ASD need to attain their goals for adulthood, (2) the characteristics of these services and supports, and (3) how youth with ASD can be fully integrated into society. To address these objectives, GAO convened a roundtable discussion including adults with ASD, service providers, researchers, and parents of youth with ASD. Among these panelists was The Arc’s Board member, Dena Gassner. The panel described the services and supports that youth with ASD may need to help them achieve five goals for adulthood: postsecondary education; employment; maximizing independent living; health and safety; and maximizing community integration.

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