Education/Civil Rights – Dept. of Education Releases Report on School Resource Officers

Last week the Department of Education released new resources related to the hiring and training of school resource officers (SROs). These are the latest efforts by the Departments of Education and Justice to reshape school discipline by pushing back against zero-tolerance policies, some of which have led to claims of SROs violating students’ civil rights, including incidents of restraint and seclusion. The resources include guidelines created for local and state policymakers that outline best practices for creating agreements between schools and local law enforcement agencies. Those best practices will now serve as requirements for SROs hired through Department of Justice grants. For hiring and training school police, the Department of Education outlined a list of recommended actions for policymakers including seeking community input when creating agreements with law enforcement agencies, establishing a process for evaluating SROs, and training officers on issues such as child development and the appropriate use of restraint. See the resources here and here.

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