Autism – New Report on Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Released

The federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) released its Research Portfolio Analysis Report for 2011-2012.  The report tracks funding and trends for research-related projects by the IACC’s seven strategic objectives: screening and diagnosis, biology, risk factors, treatments and interventions, services, lifespan issues, and infrastructure and surveillance. The report found that combined federal and private investment in autism spectrum disorder research decreased from 2010 ($348.6 million) to 2011 ($299.9 million) and then increased in 2012 ($331.9 million). Proportionately, most autism research funding — 30 percent in 2012 — went toward studies focusing of the biology of the disorder, followed by research on risk factors and treatments and interventions. At the bottom end of the scale are spending on research looking at services (7%) and lifespan issues (1%) in 2012, both of which decreased from the prior year.

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