Family Support – New Funding Opportunity Announcements for Lifespan Respite from the Administration for Community Living for New States

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) has announced funds for new grants for Lifespan Respite systems. The grants will include a federal funding level of up to $200,000 per award for a 36 month project period and will fund up to three cooperative agreements. Grant funds are for planning, establishing, and expanding/enhancing Lifespan Respite Care systems in the states, including new and planned emergency respite services, training and recruiting respite workers and volunteers, and assisting caregivers with gaining access to needed services. While the eligible applicants are state governments, all applicants must demonstrate the support and active involvement of a range of government and non-government, private, non-profit and other organizations with a stake in serving populations eligible to receive services under the Lifespan Respite Care Act. Only one application per State will be funded. Once funded, grantees will be expected to collaborate with multiple state and local agencies representing all ages, populations and disability/disease groups in planning and carrying out the requirements of the project. The announcement can be found here.

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