Health Care – House Passes and President Obama Vetoes Health Care Legislation

On January 6th, the House voted 240-181 to pass H.R. 3762, “Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act” which repeals substantial parts of the Affordable Care Act. On January 8th President Obama vetoed the legislation.

The package, which the Senate passed in December, would have removed the penalties used to enforce the mandates that most individuals have health coverage and large employers offer it to their workers. In 2018, it would have repealed the law’s Medicaid expansion and its subsidies to help low and middle-income individuals buy health coverage through the new insurance exchanges.

The measure also would have scrapped a lengthy list of taxes used to help offset the cost of the health law, including the taxes on medical devices, health insurers and so-called “Cadillac” employer-sponsored health plans that will receive temporary suspensions under the year-end funding and tax package. In addition, the package would have stopped most federal money from flowing to Planned Parenthood for one year and boost funding for community health centers.

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