Social Security – New National, State, and Congressional District Data

The Social Security Administration has published state SSDI fact sheets that provide data by state and Congressional district on how many workers with disabilities, their children and spouses receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI); the average annual SSDI benefit in relation to the poverty threshold; and the total annual benefits for all SSDI beneficiaries. The agency has also published a national SSDI issue paper, “Social Security Disability Insurance at Age 60: Does It Still Reflect Congress’ Original Intent?” Among other statistics, the paper reports that on average, beneficiaries worked and paid into Social Security for 22 years before qualifying for SSDI. Learn more about SSDI and the action that we need Congress to take to maintain this lifeline on The Arc’s blog and in a new edition of The Arc’s National Policy Matters, “Social Security and SSI for People with I/DD and Their Families.”

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