Education – U.S. Department of Education Alters Rule for Testing Students with Disabilities

On August 21, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) released a final rule to end the use of the Alternate Assessment based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards (AA-MAS) for eligible students with disabilities. This rule rescinds the so called “2% rule” that allowed states to use the AA-MAS for up to two percent of students with disabilities. The new rule reflects research studies and best practice that show that most students with disabilities can successfully learn grade-level content and make academic progress when they receive appropriate services and supports. The “1% rule” remains in effect for “the small number of students with disabilities who are unable to participate in the regular state assessment, even with appropriate accommodations” to take an alternate assessment based on alternate achievement standards (AA-AAS). These regulations are effective September 21, 2015. Learn more about alternate assessments for students with disabilities here.

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