Post-Election Session Begins; Agenda in the Works

Congress returns this week to begin its post-election session of Congress (called the lame duck session). Issues that are expected to take priority are spending bills to fund the government after the current continuing resolution expires on December 11, including additional funding to address Ebola outbreak, and measures to combat the Islamic group ISL, and confirmation of the next Attorney General.   Given the impending shift in Senate control, some members of Congress are urging that the session be limited to keeping government functioning and other must-pass legislation.   Other lawmakers and some outside interests are pushing to get more things done, including renewal of dozens of already-expired tax breaks. Disability advocates meanwhile are working to have Congress pass the ABLE Act and for the Senate to ratify the U.N Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) during the lame duck session.

One thought on “Post-Election Session Begins; Agenda in the Works

  1. Given its bipartisan support, and given that Republicans want to demonstrate their ability to get something accomplished, I would think that the ABLE Act is a perfect bill to start with during the lame duck session.

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