Field Office Changes Affect SSN Printouts as of August 1; Benefit Verification Letters Remain Available

On August 1, the Social Security Administration (SSA) began to move forward with its plan to eliminate the issuance of Social Security number (SSN) printouts in its field offices. Individuals requesting a SSN printout will be directed to apply for a replacement SSN card, a process which takes about 2 weeks. However, SSA has indicated that it will ensure service to those with a dire need and that each field office will designate a point of contact to assist local organizations with obtaining SSN verifications, with consent, in emergency situations and in cases of hardship. More information about the dire need exception process is available in SSA’s Emergency Message EM-14009 REV.

Earlier this year, SSA announced plans to eliminate the provision of both SSN printouts and benefit verification letters at its field offices. These documents are often used by people with disabilities and others who need to promptly verify their SSN to secure a job or get a drivers’ license or non-drivers’ ID, or who need to verify their Social Security, SSDI or SSI benefits in order to secure housing, a loan, or public benefits (and for many other purposes). The Arc joined with other national disability organizations to oppose these service cuts.

The Arc is pleased that local Social Security offices will continue to provide benefit verification letters until further notice, as outlined in a SSA press release. The Arc continues to express concern about the reduction in access to SSN printouts.

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