White House is seeking input on supporting working families

Workplace policies are critical to promoting employment and work-family balance for both people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and for family caregivers of children and adults with I/DD. There are approximately 2.9 million family caregivers of persons with I/DD in the U.S. According to The Arc’s Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports (FINDS) survey, most of these family caregivers provide more than 40 hours of care per week which can create significant employment barriers for caregivers.  Today the White House is hosting a summit to learn about how the workplace can better support working families. For example, workplace policies that offer greater flexibility—such as the ability to adjust work hours, work from home, or have a predictable shift schedule—can play an important role in enabling workers to handle both their work and family responsibilities. It is critical that the disability community be heard in this national conversation. Share how your family would benefit from 21st-century workplace policies.

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