New Affordable Care Act Resource Available

The National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative has released the first of several fact sheets entitled “Comparing Health Plans’ Benefits and Coverage Summaries.”  This fact sheet is intended to inform navigators and other enrollment specialists about what people with disabilities need to look for in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.  The entire list of upcoming fact sheets is also available at their website.  This information complements the earlier publication by the collaborative, “Guide to Disability for Healthcare Insurance Marketplace Navigators”, designed to inform navigators and other enrollment specialists about special considerations people with disabilities may face as they shop for healthcare coverage.  The Collaboration is a project of the American Association on Health and Disability and is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  The Arc is one of the seven national organizations participating in the collaboration.  The Arc encourages chapters and members to share the availability of the guide and other resources with Affordable Care Act navigators in their community.

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