Presidential Commission on Election Administration Releases Report

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration released its report, “The American Voting Experience: Report and Recommendations.”  The Commission was established by Executive Order on March 28, 2013.  Its mission was to identify best practices in election administration and to make recommendations to improve the voting experience.  One of the commission’s areas of focus was voting accessibility for individuals with disabilities.  The Commission stressed in its report that accessibility of the voting process should be “baked in” to each aspect of election administration.  Additional specific recommendations for local election authorities offered by the Commission include, establishing advisory groups for voters with disabilities to inform election officials and communicate with voters who have disabilities; routinely survey polling places for accessibility and training poll workers on how to interact with voters with disabilities and how to configure and operate the voting equipment.  The Commission stressed the need to update and reform the standards and certification system currently in place to allow for innovation in voting technologies. 

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