Unemployment Insurance Expired Dec. 28 for 1.3 Million Americans

The 2013 end-of-year Congressional budget deal failed to include an extension of federal emergency unemployment compensation, also known as extended unemployment insurance (UI).  As a result, on December 28, approximately 1.3 million jobless workers lost their UI benefits, or about one in three UI beneficiaries.  By the end of 2014, another 3.6 million people will lose UI benefits, according to the Department of Labor.  This much-needed federal emergency unemployment compensation was created in 2008 to aid long-term unemployed workers during the recent recession, and to boost the economy.  While these types of emergency federal UI benefits are intended to phase out as the economy recovers, long-term unemployment continues to be a major challenge.  The Arc and many others are concerned that unless Congress acts quickly to extend the program, ending these benefits now will harm workers and their families, including many adults and children with disabilities.

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