Partial Government Shut Down Takes Effect on October 1

The Federal Government was shut down last week after Congress failed to pass a spending bill for Fiscal Year 2014 by the deadline of Sept 30. Some agencies and personnel were not affected because their services are exempt from the shutdown, such as positions affecting health care delivery or security. The Senate and House were unable to reach consensus, primarily due to a proposed change to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   The House had earlier passed a $986 billion annualized spending level (the amount that reflects the automatic, across the board spending cuts enacted earlier this year), proposed in a short term spending plan through December 15, that included the ACA delay. The Senate then rejected the ACA amendments and sent a “clean” stopgap spending plan to the House. The House then passed another spending plan that contained other ACA related changes and the Senate again rejected the ACA amendments and sent back to the House a bill to maintain funding without the ACA changes. After the measure failed to move forward, the shutdown took effect and 800,000 federal workers have since been furloughed. Meanwhile, the House has passed a number of bills to fund specific agencies.   The Senate is refusing to consider the piecemeal approach, arguing that the government should reopen as a whole. Learn about how the shutdown is affecting each federal agency at the White House website.

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