Government Shutdown Appears Increasingly Likely

Fiscal year (FY) 2014 begins on October 1, and there is no agreement in sight to keep the government open. The Senate and House are refusing to give ground as they trade proposals. Over the weekend, the House stuck with its plan to derail implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by sending a continuing resolution (H J Res 59) to the Senate that would delay the law for a year and also repeal the medical devices tax that partly funds it.   The House kept the $986 billion annualized spending level proposed (the amount that reflects the automatic, across the board spending cuts enacted earlier this year) in the short term spending plan, but did change the expiration day to Dec. 15 from the Nov. 15 date set by the Senate. When the Senate returns this afternoon, it is expected to reject the ACA amendments and again send a “clean” stopgap spending plan to the House. In the meantime, federal agencies are starting to make available their contingency plans for a government shutdown. Learn more at the Washington Post.

Last week, The Arc sent a letter to all Members of Congress expressing our strong support for the ACA. We describe the many benefits and protections for people with disabilities in the health insurance market, as well as the current status of improvements in long term services and supports across the states. Read our letter at The Arc’s website.

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