Results of Survey Sponsored by The California Healthcare Foundation on Counties Who Transitioned to Managed Care Released

The California Healthcare Foundation sponsored a survey of beneficiaries in 16 California counties who transitioned to mandatory Medi-Cal managed care between June 2011 and May 2012. In addition to interviews, researchers conducted two focus groups with people with developmental disabilities. Results highlighted several lessons that can inform other states as more services and populations are included in managed care. Results indicated that some beneficiaries experienced problems with the transition: 37% found it very or somewhat difficult to find information they needed; 34% of people who called their plan’s member services said they sometimes or never got the help they needed; 32% reported that their benefits were worse since their transition to Medi-Cal managed care in the areas of prescription medication, specialty care, medical equipment and supplies, and primary care. An updated and more detailed report is scheduled for the end of this summer.

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