House and Senate FY 2014 Budgets Released Offering Dramatically Different Plans

House and Senate Budget Committee chairs Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Patty Murray (D-WA) introduced their FY 2014 Budgets.   As expected, they provided starkly different blueprints for federal spending and revenue for the next decade. Below is a comparison of the major provisions that are most relevant to the disability community.

  House Budget Senate Budget
Medicaid Block grants Medicaid and cuts spending by $810 billion $10 billion in Medicaid cuts with the caveat that none of those cuts can affect beneficiaries
Medicare Turns Medicare into a voucher program and has steep cuts in Medicare payments to doctors $265 billion in Medicare cuts
Social Security and SSI Social Security not cut, but the President and Congress will be required to develop plans to ensure it remains solvent. $300 billion cut from the income security portion of the budget which includes Supplemental Security Income (SSI) No changes
Non-Defense Discretionary spending (such as employment, education, and housing) $3.8 trillion cut beyond the across-the-board spending cuts Replaces the across-the-board spending cuts with $493 billion in domestic spending cuts, in addition to specific cuts above

See the Budget Resolutions at:

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