Disability Community Provides Technical Assistance on an Important Provision in the Affordable Care Act

The Arc has joined over 50 national organizations to develop a technical assistance paper to help state advocates and state policy makers decide on the rehabilitative and habilitative benefits required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). One important feature of the ACA is the requirement that all qualified health benefit plans include 10 categories of essential health benefits.  While all are important to people with disabilities, the inclusion of the category of rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices is of particular importance to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Each state has a great deal of flexibility to create its essential benefit package. The states will choose a state benchmark plan and if that plan does not include services in each of the 10 category areas it must be changed and the necessary services added.  The Arc hopes that advocates will find this document, which represents a consensus among national disability groups, useful on the state level.

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