Final Health Care Reform Rules Released

The Administration is releasing final rules on implementing changes in the Medicaid program required by the Affordable Care Act.  The changes are intended to streamline and simplify eligibility.  The disability community had raised concerns about how the proposed rule would affect people who may need home and community based services and other supports that may not be available under the new Medicaid expansion.  In announcing the planned publication of the final rule, leaders of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) indicated that our concerns were substantially addressed.  The Arc will continue to work with CMS to ensure that the new enrollment processes accomplish the goals of streamlining enrollment and ensuring that people with disabilities are able to access the services and supports they require.

The Administration also released final rules implementing programs to ensure that the new health exchange insurance markets are able to share risks with the federal government in order to avoid having health plans exclude people with chronic health conditions and to help stabilize health insurance premiums.  These rules are expected to be published in the Federal Register this week.

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