HHS Releases Final Medicaid Waiver Transparency Rules

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has finalized rules to make the Section 1115 waiver approval process more transparent on the state and federal level.  These waivers have been used to introduce managed care and other types of reforms to health care in states.  The Arc and other Medicaid advocates sought these requirements to make the process more open and allow advocates to provide input on proposals.  To read more information about the rules, visit the CMS website.

One thought on “HHS Releases Final Medicaid Waiver Transparency Rules

  1. i need to know why is waiver stipens taxed ? this is to take care of the person not for taking care of.. this has placed a burden up on the privider… this is still difficulty of care, i care for 2 adopted adults in my home 24/7 , both r waiver. i love doing this, but taxes have placed a burden on us as a family. no direct answer i can get from any one , not even the irs.. please help. thank u and GOD BLESS !

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