President Obama’s 2013 budget request provides mostly level funding for disability-related programs, with a few cuts and increases

On February 13, President Obama released his spending and revenue plan for the fiscal year starting on October 1, 2012. The Section 811 Supportive Housing for People with Disabilities program experienced the largest percentage cut with a 10% reduction from FY 2012. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Early Intervention Part C program, on the other hand, received one of the largest increases. Visit The Arc’s website to see how disability-related programs fared in the President’s Budget.

The President’s budget reflects the Administration’s priorities and is the starting point for the annual budget process. The Republican controlled House of Representatives is expected to issue its own budget blueprint in the coming weeks. However, final spending bills may be largely determined by possible Congressional action to change the automatic spending cuts scheduled to take place in January of 2013. The President’s budget offers a replacement for these automatic spending cuts required by the Budget Control Act, which as enacted, would cause disability-related and other non-defense discretionary programs to be cut by about 9%.

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