New Guide available on Federal Funding and Support for Respite

ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center (ARCH stands for Access to Respite Care and Help) released a new guide: “Federal Funding and Support for Respite: Building Blocks for Lifespan Respite Systems.”  This guide lays out basic information about each of the federal programs that could provide respite funding or support. It is meant to be used by state Lifespan Respite Care Programs and their partners to help identify the funding sources.   It can also be useful to family caregivers or those who assist them in helping to identify sources of funding that could be used to pay for respite. The guide is divided into eight major sections which can be individually downloaded. One of the sections focuses on Medicaid and Medicare programs. The second section, Medicaid Waiver Programs, describes the largest source of federal funding for respite that serves all age groups and individuals with various types of disabilities and chronic conditions. The guide is available online.

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