House passes two bills to change budget rules

Last week, the House passed two of ten measures introduced by Republicans in December to change budget rules. On February 2, the House passed a bill (HR 3582) that would require the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to take into account the effects that bills might have on economic growth using a calculation called “dynamic scoring.” Traditional CBO scoring simply shows how legislation would affect spending or revenue. House Republicans say the current CBO scoring model uses a method that does not take into account factors such as increasing revenue and paying down the debt. Opponents argue that dynamic scoring is an unreliable process that could distort budget projections.

On February 3, the House passed HR 3578, the Baseline Reform Act, to bar CBO from incorporating inflation increases into its projected spending baselines. Supporters claim that the current system automatically assumes spending increases in its baseline projections. The Arc is concerned that changing the current CBO baseline assumptions would result in even greater cuts to disability-related programs that are already seriously underfunded and have seen few increases in the last few years.

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