House to hold hearing on disability waste, fraud, and abuse

On Tuesday, January 24, the House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security will hold a hearing on “combatting disability waste, fraud, and abuse.” The hearing will focus on the Social Security Administration’s efforts to minimize improper payments and protect taxpayers’ dollars from waste, fraud, and abuse. This will be the second hearing in a series on “Securing the Future of the Social Security Disability Insurance Program.” Live and archived video of the hearing will be available on the Committee web site.

One thought on “House to hold hearing on disability waste, fraud, and abuse

  1. We were hopeful that the “abuse” mentiioned was referring to the abuse many people with disabilities experience from others. My adult son is being harassed, insulted, threatened and physically pushed by cruel neighbors. These middle-aged adults are very cunning and continually talk their way out of countability from law enforcement and the court. This results to my son (and me) being further victimized, and increases our anxiety for contined abuse and hardship. We have tried extensively to find help from advocacy groups for the disabled, but it appears the issues they assist with are related to education and employment. If your organization could assist us in any way, even to give real directlives that are not dead-ended, we would be grateful. At the present, we live in fear of these people.


    Diana Wolf and son Michael

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