No Child Left Behind Waivers in Minnesota and Florida

Peer reviewers for the Department of Education who are reviewing the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver applications from 11 states sent responses to Florida and Minnesota. Reviewers pointed out weaknesses and asked for more information. The reviewers’ concerns in Florida included questions about how the state was planning to address the needs of subgroups, particularly English Learners and students with disabilities and how the achievement of students with disabilities would be fully included in how schools are rated.  The reviewers asked Minnesota to provide more information on professional development related to the needs of students with disabilities and English Learners and to address concerns regarding targeting supports and interventions to students with disabilities and English Learners and the lack of focus on improving content instruction for them. The letters to the states have not been posted to the Department’s web site. They were accessed on the Education Week News blog.

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