FY 2012 Appropriations – More battles may lie ahead

A stopgap spending bill expected to clear Congress tomorrow will give lawmakers more time to wrap up FY 2012 spending issues. The continuing resolution (CR) scheduled for a vote Tuesday will expire Nov. 18. This will leave less than 7 weeks to finish FY 2012 appropriations, likely through an omnibus bill that includes all 12 annual spending bills.   The short bridge CR that was passed last week expires Tuesday, adding pressure for House lawmakers to clear the longer-term bill and avoid the threat of a government shutdown. However, House conservatives could push for deeper spending cuts. Republican leaders, on the other hand, have repeatedly said that they will stick with the agreed upon $1.043 trillion cap for FY 2012 established by the Budget Control Act. According to press reports, appropriators already have begun broad discussions about how to divide up the available discretionary spending among federal programs.

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