CMS Releases Information Bulletin Regarding Prevocational Services under the Home and Community Based Services Waiver

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released an Informational Bulletin regarding Updates to the Section 1915(c) Waiver Instructions and Technical Guide regarding employment and employment related services. Specifically, the Bulletin provides updates to several sections of the current Waiver Technical Guide Version 3.5, which was released in January of 2008, in advance of a future release of Technical Guide Version 3.6. Major changes include highlighting the importance of competitive work, acknowledging best and promising practices, clarifying that Ticket to Work Outcome and Milestone payments do not conflict with payment of Medicaid services, splitting supported employment into two definitions, adding a new service definition for career planning, emphasizing person centered planning, clarifying that volunteer and other unpaid activities are appropriately described in prevocational services as opposed to supported employment, and clarifying the time-limited nature of pre-vocational services (without giving specific limits).
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