Time to get back on the phones and say “Don’t Cut Our Lifeline!”

Take Action!

Congress is returning from its August recess this week and between now and Thanksgiving, Members will make momentous decisions about next year’s federal budget and deficit reduction due to the recent debt ceiling deal.

We are urging you to welcome Congress back to Washington with a reminder that we want them to support a fair and responsible budget and plan that protects programs vital to people with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families.  They must not balance the federal budget on the backs of people with I/DD – “Don’t Cut Our Lifeline!”

It only will take you a few minutes to call your Senators and Representative and deliver this crucial message.

Click on the “take action” link above and enter your zip code to get their phone numbers.

What should I say?

  • The budget cannot be balanced on the backs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Medicaid and programs that serve low-income people must be exempt from deficit reduction plans.
  • New revenues must be part of the solution.  It’s not possible to reduce the deficit fairly by cutting programs that provide critical supports to people with disabilities and others in need.
  • Share your story!  There is nothing more powerful than sharing your personal experience, so please tell your elected official about your support service needs.
  • Don’t Cut Our Lifeline!

Thank you for letting Congress know that a range of federal programs are truly a “lifeline” to you and your family.

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