House Expected to Vote Against Measure that Does not Include Spending Cuts

Today, the House is expected to reject a proposal that would increase the nation’s ability to borrow money without also making major cuts in federal spending. If the vote fails as expected, the focus will return to a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders who have been meeting privately with Vice President Biden to come up with a plan to cut spending and allow the debt limit to rise. Both sides say they will easily identify $1 trillion in potential spending cuts before the August 2 deadline to raise the nation’s debt ceiling above $14.3 trillion. While proposed cuts to Medicare have received the greatest amount of public attention in the federal spending debate, future proposals are also expected to include cuts to other entitlement programs (Social Security and Medicaid) as well as the discretionary programs of interest to the disability community, like supportive housing, special education, and supported employment. With the Senate out of session this week, the next round of talks led by Vice President Biden is set for next week.

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