How Important is Medicaid to You?

Do you or someone you know:

  • receive home and community based services from your state developmental disability agency?
  • rely on Medicaid to pay for doctor’s visits and other health care?

Unless we mobilize to support the Medicaid program, these critical services could disappear for many people.  The U.S. House of Representatives has already voted to:

  • cut Medicaid by 20% (or about $770 billion over 10 years)
  • cap the amount the federal government spends on it.  The funding would not keep up with health care inflation.
  • block grant it to the states.  This means that states can spend the money almost any way they like and can just cut out groups of people or services.  They could even return to placing people in institutions.

Take Action

Call your U.S. Senators today and ask them to speak up and support us in this fight.  Click on the Take Action link and/or enter your zip code in the “Call Now” box.

Here is what to say:

  • Medicaid is a lifeline for people with I/DD and we need you to be our champion;
  • Please oppose block grants or caps for Medicaid that would hurt programs that help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live in the community; and
  • Don’t risk the health and safety of people with I/DD by slashing funding for Medicaid.

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