Members of Congress Being Held to Account by Constituents

In their home districts for the spring recess, Members of Congress heard lots of questions and concerns, sometimes heated, from their constituents across the political spectrum. Health care issues took center stage at town halls around the country with the focus on Republican plans to turn Medicare into a subsidy or “voucher” program.  These reactions appear consistent with some of the recent national polls that have found that 81% of Americans oppose significant cuts to Medicare as a way to reduce the deficit, 78% are against Social Security cuts, and 70% oppose Medicaid cuts.  (The particularly strong support for Medicare is benefiting greatly from very active participation by seniors in town hall meetings and other forms of grassroots advocacy.)  In addition, large majorities are also opposed to having these programs cut in favor of providing tax breaks for households with annual incomes over $250,000 and millionaires.  However, news reports still focus on many Members of Congress’ intention to demand cuts to major entitlement programs (Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security) as the price for raising the debt ceiling as the Nation nears a financial crisis.

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