Bill Passed Through the End of the Fiscal Year on Sept 30

Congress wrapped up funding for FY 2011 by passing a Continuing Resolution to fund the government through September 2011. The CR includes $38 billion in cuts to federal programs including a 0.2% across the board cut in all non-defense spending. The House of Representatives passed the FY11 CR by a vote of 260-167. As part of the agreement on the CR, both the House and Senate voted on a proposal to withhold funds for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which passed 240-185 in the House and was rejected 47-53 in the Senate. The House and Senate also voted on barring funding for Planned Parenthood, with the House passing it 240-185 and the Senate rejecting it 42-58.  The Senate then easily passed the CR on a vote of 81-19 and the President quickly signed it into law.

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