One year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act coming up; Efforts to repeal, replace, and defund continue

March 23rd marks the one year anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. While the law remains a politically divisive issue, The Arc and UCP supported its passage because of the multiple benefits it offers to people with disabilities including ending discrimination in health insurance against people with disabilities and people with pre-existing health conditions, expanding private health insurance coverage and Medicaid, creating new options for long term services and supports and improved prevention and public health programs. The ACA has been the focus of numerous hearings on Capitol Hill. The Republican led House has focused its hearings on how to fulfill their campaign promises to defund the Act and repeal major portions of the Act. The Senate’s hearings have largely focused on how the law is being implemented. The recess period is expected to continue the debate with Administration officials speaking across the country about the benefits of the law and detractors continuing their call to repeal and replace the Act.

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