States planning on making additional cuts in 2011 when stimulus funding ends

Demand for publicly funded services has grown, and resources are stretched thin, according to a new 50-state study from AARP. Specifically, 31 states cut aging and disability services programs (non-Medicaid) in FY 2010, and 28 states were expecting to cut these programs in FY 2011. Faced with significantly falling tax revenues, states are also contending with increasing service demands, forcing many states to impose new limits on non-Medicaid long-term services and supports. States are “holding steady” with Medicaid LTSS because funding from the ARRA stimulus funds requires them to maintain eligibility. However, many states expect they will need to make additional cuts in LTSS when the funds phase down and expire in June 2011. This study also provides a very early snapshot of the likelihood of states pursuing some of the long-term services and supports provisions within the Affordable Care Act. Read the study at

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