Draft Proposal includes Significant Cuts to Social Security and Long Term Services and Supports

The Co-Chairmen of the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform released their draft proposal on November 10. The proposal contains a number of profound reductions in entitlement, discretionary, and defense spending. Of greatest concern to the disability community are: 1) Social Security – increasing the age of retirement to age 69 which would disproportionately affect people with health problems as well as persons who receive Disabled Adult Children (DAC) benefits; and 2) Medicaid – capping spending on long term services and supports by creating a block grant. If 14 of the 18 Commission members agree on the recommendations, they will be voted on by the Congress. The sudden release of the draft proposal due to the Co-chairmen’s fears of a leak, however,  indicates a lack of consensus among its members. The Commission is slated to release its full report on December 1. Whether or not the Commission’s recommendations get the support of at least 14 members and proceed to floor votes in the House and Senate, they are likely to influence the legislative agenda of the incoming Congress. See the draft proposal at http://www.fiscalcommission.gov/sites/fiscalcommission.gov/files/documents/CoChair_Draft.pdf

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