Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) Summits

There are three remaining summits sponsored by ADD.  The Agency is seeking input on the following questions: What do children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) need to live happy lives with their families?; what do adults with IDD need to live meaningful lives in their communities?; and what do seniors with IDD need to live long, healthy lives in their homes?  Click on the links below to register to participate via telephone or in person:
November 15      Dallas, TX
December 2        Detroit, MI 

December 6        Denver, CO
ADD oversees the programs created by the Developmental Disabilities Act:
1) Protection and Advocacy Systems (P & As)
2) Councils on Developmental Disabilities (DD  Councils)
3) University Centers for Excellence in Development Disabilities (UCEDs)
4) Projects of National Significance

Chapters of The Arc and affiliates of UCP have extensive involvement with each of these programs and have a vested interest in helping to make them as effective as possible.  Our ideas will be used to help develop ADD’s five-year strategic plan. Registrants are encouraged to share any personal or professional knowledge and experience that can help improve the quality of life for people with IDD.  They can also use the talking points developed by the DPC.

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